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"Paul Bosman"

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Paul Bosman

"Paul Bosman" 11 x 14 inches, Conté portrait by Ron Wilson

Paul was a great artist. Wildlife and more. He was shy and self-effacing with a tremendous talent. Galleries loved him. Artists respected him.
Although he was ten times the artist I'll ever be, he agreed to swop paintings - I gave him a nebbish work and he gave me this wonderful pastel:

Impala Lily
You could tell that he was an artist by the artistic way he wrote:

Paul's handwriting

Recently, Elaine, Paul's wife, sent me the actual bits and pieces of pastels that Paul used in his work. I'm able to touch and use the tools of the master,
I can't tell you how much this gesture means to me. He was my mentor.

Paul's pastels

Elaine Bosman writes, "He had a very interesting life starting with his first art lessons from a Vichy French prisoner of war at Middleberg in the Karoo.
They were put up at the local hotel - being too far from anywhere to want to escape. M'sieur Trunquard used to take him out sketching and got him started on his love of art."

Faded by sunlight but Paul's artistry shines through nevertheless
- here's his famous "Mafunyane" print - no longer obtainable but I do have one (although with faded colour)

Tribute to artist Titta Fasciotti

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